How It Works

ReferMany: Grow, Digitize, Earn

ReferMany makes acquiring new customers easy!

Create a loyalty program to attract new customers and encourage regulars to return, then let your customers do your marketing for you to boost sales! Here’s how it works:

Signing up on Refermany is easy

Download the ReferMany app and enter your phone number . You’ll receive a code via SMS. Copy it into the app to create a password. 

Fill out your company information

Fill out your company information (including phone number and address), upload a logo, and define the terms of your cashback loyalty program. 

Enter your bank account information

Enter your bank account information in the “Payouts” section to keep track of transactions in real time or to look at your entire transaction history.

Have multiple locations?

No problem! Simply add a new outlet. You can add and manage as many locations as you need from the same account!


Once registration is complete, you’ll receive a welcome kit including your business’s unique QR code stand and a ReferMany sticker.

Create your loyalty program:

When your customers shop with you via ReferMany, they have the chance to earn cashback  that can be used to offset  future purchases at your establishment! You determine the benefits of your cashback program so that they fit the needs of your business, no matter its size or industry. 

Example: You can issue a 5% cashback on their purchase and 20% of referred customer’s cashback.

If a customer buys a $100 item in this example, he will be awarded $5 cashback. When that same customer comes back a second time and purchases another $100 item, that $5 cashback is automatically redeemed.

Enjoy the benefits of referral marketing:

Our referral links make it possible for your customers and their friends to earn cashback rewards. Referral marketing is one of the most dynamic and cost-effective marketing tools available for creating loyalty amongst your existing customer base while boosting new customer acquisition. Moreover, 83% of customers trust businesses more when they have been referred by someone they know.

Example: If a ReferMany user refers your business to a friend, they have the opportunity to earn additional cashback after the person they referred makes a purchase in your shop. Using the example of the loyalty program above, the referrer would earn $.20 referral rewards, while the person who was referred will earn the standard $1 cashback once they’ve made a purchase. 

No fees:  The use of our program comes at no additional cost to your business! Service fees are paid by ReferMany users out of their cashback for the chance to continue accumulating cashback rewards.

Accept cryptocurrency payments:

After scanning the merchant QR code, customers can opt to pay via cryptocurrency. The amount is automatically exchanged to the local currency and delivered directly to your bank account, without the need of any additional intervention on your part. The transaction appears in your account just like any other payment!