ReferChain: Visibility, Transparency, Trust

We’ve implemented blockchain technology to help you create a simple, cost-effective, and powerful strategy to protect your business and save time. Here’s how the ReferChain helps you:

Visibility and traceability:

 End-to-end supply chain visibility makes it easy to see where products come from and where they end up, tracking every single step of the way (including dates, places, quantities, and more)! By making supply chain information accessible to everyone, in an easy-to-understand format, it’s possible to strengthen consumer trust, solve problems, experience fewer disruptions, and control costs. 

Transparency and trust:

As the blockchain validates and displays every step of the process with total transparency, it creates a solid basis for trust amongst all participants.

Smart contracts:

 Smart contracts are digital and automated, allowing for secure transactions without involving third parties, and don’t require any paperwork to process! They guarantee accurate tracing for referral links so that those who share them earn cashback accordingly, and are difficult to manipulate so your business is protected. 

Brand control:

 Protect your brand value by maintaining control of the length of the supply chain, as well as the choice of participants and their margins. The blockchain helps verify product authenticity and prevent external, unauthorized distribution. 

Settle disputes:

Order discrepancies can take time and money to resolve. We make it simpler to identify and reconcile them in the most transparent and efficient way possible, limiting friction, saving time, reinforcing trust between parties, and keeping things running as efficiently as possible. 

Save time:

The blockchain makes it easier to control the supply chain, resolve disputes, prevent expensive mistakes such as recalls or unauthorized distribution, eliminate the need for mediators, and more. In short, it’s a secure and effective way to grow your business! 

Referchain in a nutshell example

Level 0

Level 1

Margin & MOQ controled by the Brand

Level 2

Margin & MOQ controlled by the Brand

Level 3

Margin controlled by the Brand

Level 4



10% Margin

Brand takes control Length of chain Margin for each level MOQ for each level

Distributor 1 South America

10% Margin 1000 units

Distributor 2 North America

15% Margin 1000 units

Retailer 1-1 Argentina

8% Margin 300 units
8 %

Retailer 1-2 Uruguay

10% Margin 700 units

Retailer 2-1 Canada

12% Margin 200 units

Retailer 2-2 US

14% Margin 800 units



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